Save the Chicken

In the Czech Republic there are millions of chickens living just for one purpose – to lay eggs. They are held in a space just as small as a sheet of paper. So OBRAZ, an animal protecting NGO, decided to change that. They raised awareness through mainstream media and used this animated spot to push their idea to the public. People started signing the petition and in the first week over 30 000 Czech citizens joined the movement. And soon after its release, the first grocery corporations announced they were stopping buying eggs from the worst animal breeders.


  • Illustration: Veronika Zacharová
  • Animation: Veronika Zacharová, Jáchym Hrubý, Vojtěch Kamas
  • Production manager: Johana Burešová
  • Art director: Filip Veselý, Martin Jůza
  • Storyboard: Marcel Dokoupil
  • Sound: Matěj Chrudina
  • Voiceover: Ben Cristovao