Exposition of Medieval Construction Machines NTM Plasy

The Centre of Building Heritage in Plasy is a branch of the National Technical Museum in Prague, which presents in its exhibitions the methods and principles of traditional building.

We have created an animated invitation for their new exhibition Medieval Construction Machines. In a playful music video we introduced the main heroes of construction from the time of Charles IV – the crane and the construction ram. They set the rhythm of technical and cultural progress in their era and contributed to the fulfilment of many human dreams.

Functional replicas of these two construction machines can be seen at the exhibition in Plasy in life-size.

The full one-minute version of the animation was on display on social media during the summer of 2022 and is also on display at the entrance to the exhibition. A shortened 20-second version was on display in a Czech Television commercial slot.

We hope that the animation has succeeded in awakening enthusiasm for visiting the museum among many (not only child) viewers.


  • art director: Alžběta Müllerová
  • script: Adéla Kabelková
  • illustrator: Inẽs O’Neill
  • animator: Jáchym Hrubý
  • sound: Matěj Chrudina
  • project manager: Anna Růžičková
  • client: NTM, The Centre of Building Heritage Plasy