This exhibition at the National Monument in Vítkov explains the development of parliamentary culture in the Czech lands between 1848 and 1992.We developed and manufactured three main components for the exhibition:  

  1. Mapping on one balcony of the National Monument visible to the visitors from the other one. This mapping interprets quotes from historical figures concerning democracy, freedom and parliamentarism through animation.  
  2. We have created 4 election calculators to help the visitors experience the voters’ thought process and the issues they were facing before the key elections of 1907,  1935, 1946 and 1992. Would you have voted for the Communists or for Hlinka’s party in 1935? 
  3. The game Being a Politician is the most complex audiovisual element of the exhibition. In this game, the visitor can experience how difficult it is for politicians to make decisions, maintain popularity and be re-elected. The game lasts about 20 minutes and can be played not only at the National Monument in Vítkov, but also on or at the official website of the exposition.
  • Client: Národní muzeum
  • Exhibition’s authors: Michal Stehlík, Ondřej Štěpánek
  • Graphic design: Pavel Ševčík


  • Art director: Martin Jůza
  • Animation director: Vojtěch Dudek
  • Illustration: Veronika Zacharová, Kryštof Ulbert, Tatiana Rubchuk
  • Animation: Matouš Vyhnánek, Martina Svojíková, Tatiana Rubchuk
  • Programming: Tomáš Popek, Michal Zátopek, Lukáš Muladi
  • Game script: Viktor Šimek, Martin Jůza, Eva Pospíšilová
  • Technical supervision: Filip Veselý
  • Sound design: Denis Liudkievich
  • Project manager: Anna Růžičková
  • Photo: Klapper