Leaving to remain

Their parents came to Britain after the fall of the Berlin Wall. They were educated in an all-inclusive educational system. Have the children of the Eastern European Roma immigrants integrated into British society? What future awaits them post-Brexit?


A generation of educated Roma reveal why they left their homes in central Europe, and what they found in England. With Britain’s decision to leave the EU, they now face new challenges and tensions in their lives as they work out where they belong. Roma are one of Europe’s largest ethnic minorities and one of the UK’s least documented immigrant communities. Over 300,000 Roma who have settled in the UK now look to their young educated elite for guidance.

Leaving to remain is a documentary feature film. 


  • Director: Mira Erdevički
  • Co-production UK: Spring Pictures
  • Co-production CZ: Krutart
  • Co-production SK: Pubres
  • Co-produced by: Czech television
  • Supported by: Czech film fund
  • Premiered in 2022