OBRAZ – Call to Babiš

With the non-profit organization OBRAZ – Defenders of Animals, we continued our cooperation on successful campaigns and embarked on another animated video, this time for the ban on cage breeding of chickens. The production had to be done quickly before the topic was debated in the Chamber of Deputies. Together, we created a video with a strong call to action, which thanks to the activity of OBRAZ came to life on social media and went viral.
Thanks to our animation, OBRAZ managed to gain the support of many people and put enough pressure on the MPs who were initially against the ban. The campaign was successful and the cage breeding ban passed through Parliament!


  • art director: Martin Jůza
  • illustrator: Martina Svojíková
  • animator: Martina Svojíková, Jáchym Hrubý, Vojtěch Kamas, Tatiana Rubchuk, Aneta Kožukarová
  • grafic designer: Martina Lagová
  • project manager: Juliána Silvie Kamas, Anna Růžičková
  • edit: Filip Veselý
  • client: OBRAZ