Museum of Memory and Nature in Červená Voda

On the initiative of the municipality of Červená Voda, a special exhibition space was created during the reconstruction of the cultural house. Krutart studio in cooperation with 3dsense and Scenografie created a modern exhibition with analogue, digital and interactive elements. Together we created a place where people can come repeatedly to spend their leisure time. The museum presents transformation of the village on a historical and natural level to visitors from local community, schools and tourists. The municipality plans to further develop, expand and improve the museum in the future.


  • art director: Vojtěch Dudek
  • interior design a architecture: Barbora Klapalová, Adam Hochmuth
  • game design a UI: Alžběta Müllerová
  • game design a programming: Filip Barva
  • illustration: Inês O’Neill, Sára Somorová, Léa Faydel
  • animation: Mariana Soares, Jáchym Hrubý
  • script for Echos: Eva Pospíšilová
  • editing: Tomáš Polenský, Hana Dvořáčková
  • graphic design: Alžběta Müllerová, Petr Drahoš
  • project manager: Anna Šenderová
  • technology: 3Dsense
  • carpentery production: Scenografie
  • client: Červená Voda