Masaryk as a Phenomenon

Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk is one of the most important people of our national history. One that we can be truly proud of. So we can proudly say that we took part in the exhibition about Masaryk in the National Museum. The opening took place in the in September 2017 and the exhibition lasted until January 2018. However, the Masaryk as a Phenomen exhibition didn’t just end in the National Museum. The exhibition traveled to museums around the world, i.e. to Washington D.C.

At Krutart we produced 5 short films, a mapping on Masaryk’s iconical silhouette, an emotional audiovisual collage from the days he died and the country mourned. We also used the animated photos with Masaryk’s quotes as a social content for promoting the exhibition. Masaryk as a feminist became viral on the International Women’s Day.


  • Director: Vojtech Dudek
  • Producer: Juliana Slivonova
  • Animation: Jachym Hruby
  • Technical production: Filip Vesely
  • Editing: Jakub Podmanicky
  • Sound: Matej Chrudina, Lukas Tvrdon
  • Client: National museum