Made in Czechoslovakia

With this exhibition, the National Technical Museum introduces to their visitors technical and industrial development of Czechoslovakia state during its period of existence from 1918 to 1992. This exhibition tells the visitors about important Czechoslovakia companies as well as about important individuals of Czechoslovakia

In Krutart we made for this exhibition 6 simple and entertaining games. The visitors were guessing the original prices of 1970′ Skoda car, or how long it would take you to ride a bicycle from Prague to Bratislava. With those games you get few minutes of fun and most importantly a reward – historical trivia.

You can play two of those games here >


  • Art director: Filip Veselý
  • Producer: Juliána Slivoňová
  • Animation: Jáchym Hrubý
  • Illustration: Salvija Vaičikonité
  • Client: Národní technické muzeum