A little robot, Kit, is exploring the universe in his space travel TV show. 

About the show

Kit worked on a launch ramp for space rockets as a maintenance robot, but he always dreamed of roaming around the universe, meeting planets and seeing stars, so one day he screwed himself to a rocket and finally fled to space.

Every episode focuses on a different planet or a space object with a simple personality. Kit, our tour guide around the universe, visits them and it always leads to an adventure. Through his adventures he learns how space works. Given the fact he is not a very experienced explorer, he often falls into trouble but in the end that’s what helps him to learn.

  • Length: 5 minutes
  • Number of episodes: 26
  • Audience: kids 4 – 8 years old
  • Broadcasting: 2020
  • Co-production: Czech TV and Krutart


  • Director, writer: Vojtěch Dudek, Klára Jůzová
  • Author of the idea: Vojtěch Dudek
  • Illustration: Marie Urbánková
  • Animation: Vlaďka Macurová, Jáchym Hrubý, Veronika Zacharová, Vojtěch Kamas
  • Editing: Filip Veselý
  • Sound: Bystrouška
  • Production manager: Juliána Silvie Slivoňová, Pavel Plešák
  • Producer Krutart: Martin Jůza
  • Producer Czech Television: Dušan Mulíček