Going Steady – A Point of View of a Woman and a Man

Going Steady (Vazna znamost) are two short films based on one story. A couple goes to spend a weekend at their cottage. But their relationship is not in the best shape. And then a third person arrives.


Klara Sodomkova (now Juzova) and Martin Juza made those two films. She shot her story from the female character’s point of view, Martin chose the male character’s point of view. And together they create a space for discussion about relationships and the views and experiences of both a man’s and woman’s world.


With Going steady we made a tour and visited 14 towns in Czech republic doing 37 projections. We chose small venues like cafes and small projection rooms to create an intimate place for the discussion after films. The audience always participated and the discussions were often longer than the films themselves. And it was also a big lesson of relationships for us. Thank you!

Going Steady microsite here.