Dum Barev – House of Colours campaign

Do you need to paint a wall? Are you tired of all those boring HOW TO videos on the internet? Or you fancy to see a magic trick? Then a famous magician Richard Nedved and his lovely assistant Hanicka are ready to show you that painting is no mystery. With agency Pria we created this series to teach beginners how to work with painting and have fun doing that. So this series is more than just a tutorial!


  • Agency: Pria System
  • Producer: Filip Vesely
  • Directing: Klara Juzova
  • DOP: Michal Bouska
  • Production Manager: Juliana Slivonova
  • Editing: Filip Vesely
  • Sound: Jan Hala, Robert Slezak
  • Set Design: Katerina Raskova