Den Hruzy – A day of fear and terror

Have you ever had that precious time when you were supposed to be relaxing, but all of a sudden you found yourself in another part of town doing the most ridiculous thing ever? If not, it happens. Have you ever had a deep fear that pops out instantly while meeting someone from another country? Or another race? Even if not, it happens too.

These six short episodes will show you that it’s ok to feel fear, you just don’t have to listen to it.


  • Producer: Filip Veselý, Juliána Slivoňová
  • Script: Klára Jůzová, Martin Jašek
  • Directing: Martin Jůza
  • DOP: Orlin Stanchev
  • Production manager: Markéta Janečková, Věra Mezuláníková
  • Illustrations: Tomski&Polanski
  • Editing: Črt Brajnik, Filip Veselý
  • Animation: Jáchym Hrubý
  • Sound design: Jan Hála
  • Music: Grand Beats
  • Set design: Filip Novotný
  • Props: Klára Zimová
  • Costume design: Janka Beliková
  • Make-up artist: Nikola Roubalová