Czech-Slovak / Slovak-Czech Exhibition

The National Museum and the Slovak National Museum have prepared a project entitled ‘Czech-Slovak / Slovak-Czech Exhibition’ on the occasion of Czechoslovakia’s 100th anniversary. The exhibition tells a fascinating story of how the seemingly unrealistic project of Czechoslovakia became reality. It describes the coexistence of Czechs and Slovaks in their common state, and shows what united them and what divided them. The exhibition about our shared piece of history visited over 500 000 people at Bratislava castle and in the historical building of the National Museum.

At Krutart we were responsible for writing, directing, animation and design of the audiovisual and interactive experience. We have developed and produced content for 12 interactive data-driven touch screens. Visitors could see how the Czechoslovaks became more agnostic over time or how different regions were influenced by heavy industry. We also made a touching short film for the opening ceremony. It has shown the peaks of our common history and was broadcasted by the national television during the celebration of 100 years of Czechoslovakia.



  • Animation: Jáchym Hrubý, Vojtěch Kamas
  • Art director: Filip Veselý
  • Director: Vojtěch Dudek
  • Editing: Jakub Podmanický
  • Project management: Juliána Silvie Kamas
  • Sound: Bystrouška
  • Client: National Museum