Character Matters

What exactly is my character and how do I shape it? What do I like about my character and which things would I like to change? How can I achieve this?

The Character Matters programme for secondary and high school students helps young people answer these and many other questions. In collaboration with docent Hábl, we have created nine animated videos for each chapter of the educational programme. The videos serve as an introductory evocation at the beginning of each lesson, outlining the topic, generating interest, and asking some of the fundamental questions of the chapter.
Afterwards, students work with individualised diary-style workbooks. The workbooks were designed in our studio to the satisfaction of the author.
For the animation of the videos, we chose the parallax method this time.


  • art director: Alžběta Müllerová
  • script: Eva Pospíšilová
  • illustrator: Gabriela Hloz
  • animator: Alžběta Müllerová
  • project manager: Anna Růžičková
  • client: Královéhradecký kraj