In Albert’s world, everyone has a different colour according to their character. However, for some reason he has two colours: the emotional, intuitive yellow from his mother and the rational, analytical blue from his father. Ever since he was a small child, these two colours have been waging an endless war inside him, which has significantly complicated his life.    

One day he decides that he has had enough. He takes a bucket and paints himself a different colour. He learns that he can change his character for a few hours. He then tries the impulsive red, the calm and balanced green, and the individual colours of his father and mother. However, these changes don’t bring him the peace he desires. Albert therefore faces the dilemma whether to undergo a risky procedure that would once and for all mix the colours of his parents into the balanced green. But will he then still be himself?

The film Colours is an elemental animated reflection on the human mind. 

  • Author’s animated film
  • Length: 25 minutes
  • Status: in development
  • Supported by: The Czech Film Fund – Development of Animated Films, FilmTalent Zlín


  • Director, art director: Martin Živocký
  • Production manager: Juliána Silvie Kamas, Anna Růžičková
  • Producer: Martin Jůza