Albert perceives the world through colors, which symbolize human natures and help him navigate society. His friends are blue, his dream girl Tereza shines yellow, and his rival Patrik is red. Albert struggles with determining his own color, as he feels a mix of yellow and blue within himself. During adolescence, this conflict deepens. He briefly finds solace in the calm green, but it is his clash with red that truly opens his eyes. Martin Živocký’s film is a story of a hero who sees the world through simplifying schemas.


  • Short animated film
  • Length: 15 minutes
  • Status: in development
  • Supported by: The Czech Film Fund – Development and production, FilmTalent Zlín
  • Co-produced by: Pirogy Studios


  • Director, art director: Martin Živocký
  • Production manager: Juliána Silvie Kamas, Anna Růžičková
  • Producer: Martin Jůza