The Story of Eve

Little wolverine girl Eve is in trouble. A pack of adolescent wolves make life difficult for her and her siblings. When wolves take over their favorite playground, unlike her brother and sister, Eve can’t stand up to them. She’s not brave enough, not strong enough and does ot see the point in trying. Luckily her mother is a great storyteller. Through three thrilling stories, she explains to Eve that courage takes on many more forms than meets the eye and the stronger does not always win.

The Story of Eve is an adventure film about mammals and their evolution.

  • Genre: Adventure animated film
  • Audience: 5 – 8 years
  • Length: 25 minuted
  • Technology: Full dome 3D CG, 6K
  • Supported by Czech Film Fund – Development and production
  • Supported by South Moravian Film Fund
  • Partners: Planetum (CZ), Experimenta (DE), D&D Pictures (JP)
  • Expected premiere: Q4/2024


  • Director: Klára Jůzová
  • Cinematography: Ondřej Nedvěd
  • Illustration: Martina Svojíková
  • Art director: Noemi Valentíny
  • Lead animator: Jáchym Hrubý
  • Editor: Filip Veselý, Timotej Rajniš
  • Script: Pavel Gotthard
  • Production manager: Filip Veselý
  • Line producer: Barbora Bartíková, Eva Kameníková
  • Producer: Martin Jůza