The Story of Eve

Eve and her two siblings are being bullied by a bunch of teenage hyenas and unlike Eve’s brother and sister, Eve is unable to act on it. She sees herself as not brave, not strong and overly useless. But luckily she has a great dad who is a marvelous storyteller and decides to explain to her that there are more shapes and sizes of courage.

The Story of Eve is an adventure film about how every animal has its superpower.

  • Genre: Adventure animated film
  • Audience: 5 – 8 years
  • Length: 25 minutes
  • Technology: Full dome 3D CG, VR, 16:9
  • Supported by the Czech Film Fund – development and production funding
  • Partners: Planetum, Experimenta
  • Expected premiere: Q3/2024


  • Director: Klára Jůzová
  • Art director: Martina Svojíková
  • Technical director: Jan Živocký
  • Lead animator: Jáchym Nádvorník
  • 3D artist: Tatiana Rubchuk
  • Concept art: Maria Inês O’Neill
  • Script: Pavel Gotthard
  • Production manager: Anna Růžičková
  • Producer: Martin Jůza