Peace and tranquillity reign in the picturesque foothill town of Napville. The local residents, civilized forest animals, live their normal lives free from too much excitement and adventure … until the dinosaur suddenly appeared in town.
A brave little wolverine named Alma takes it in and names it Kory. With Kory’s arrival, the energetic little girl finally has the sidekick she’s been missing in the quiet town. And new excitement for all the residents of Napville is taken care of. The dinosaur’s insolence and ignorance of the local conditions brings many funny, touching and thrilling situations. Alma tries to integrate her friend into the life of the town, which not everyone accepts willingly.
Napville is a warm, funny bedtime story about unconventional friendships, finding your place in the world, and implicitly, how diversity can enrich our customs and society.

Showrunner: Klára Jůzová

Art Director: Noemi Valentíny

Producer: Martin Jůza – Krutart

Co-producer: Czech Television, SRF

Supported by Czech Film Fund – development of animated TV series

Presented at: Cartoon Forum, Animation Production Days, M:Brane, Cinekid Junior co-pro market

Developed at CEE Animation Workshop