Dream Makers

Their parents came to Britain after the fall of the Berlin Wall. They’ve been educated in an all-inclusive educational system. Have the children of the Eastern European Roma immigrants integrated into British society? What future awaits them post-Brexit?

Short synopsis

DREAM MAKERS is the story of the first generation of Roma immigrants to be educated in the UK. Back in their countries of origin, their parents had to attend segregated schools and had no opportunity for a life integrated into society. Now, perhaps, their children living in the UK can fulfil their parents’ dreams. Their aspiration is to forge professional lives and a secure future for their own children, free of racism and prejudice. But how will Brexit effect Roma who are among the most vulnerable European communities to have settled in the UK over the past twenty years?

Dream Makers is a documentary feature film. The project is now in a development.


  • Director: Mira Erdevički
  • Producer: Lucie Wenigerová – Spring Pictures
  • Co-production CZ: Krutart
  • Co-production SK: Pubres

Estimated premiere: 2020.