“Great stories never go extinct.”

In a distant past there is a friendly forest neighborhood of pigs, mammoths, saber toothed tigers, deer and megatheriums. Father megatherium is raising his lively triplets while their mother is at work. Alfie, Elza and Eve have very different natures and together they create a rowdy bunch! Luckily, there is a way of calming those little rascals down – telling stories about creatures that lived on Earth in a much more distant past, dinosaurs. Every time the triplets generate too much trouble at home or in the neighborhood, father comes with a fitting fable from a “dinoworld”. And so every quarrel, fight and turmoil ends up transformed into an entertaining story about the world and its inhabitants.

  • Format: 26 x 7 minutes
  • Audience: pre-schoolers
  • Supported by the Czech Film Fund, TV series development
  • Workshops and pitchings: Cartoon Forum 2021, CEE Animation 2021, Cinekid 2020, Animarkt 2020, Berlinale Talents 2020

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  • Showrunner: Klára Jůzová
  • Art director: Martina Svojíková
  • Development: Tatiana Rubchuk, Aneta Kožukarová, Jáchym Hrubý
  • Production manager: Anna Růžičková
  • Producer: Martin Jůza
  • Co-production: All Ages Production (USA), To Blink Animation (SRB), Domestic Film (RO)
  • Estimated premiere: 2025