The Russian Job

„You can’t do this for money. Russia is something like a drug.“ A handful of pros from the West set out on a difficult mission in the East. Can they succeed?

Deep inside Russia on the mighty Volga river lies the largest factory in the country. Here is the home of Lada, the legendary Soviet car. On the outside the plant stands unsuspectingly, but in reality it loses billions of roubles every year.

In order to save it, the Russian government hires a Swedish supermanager and a handful of European industry experts in hopes of turning the situation around. With a vision of success, they have an incredible drive to make real change.

And there will be change; thousands will lose jobs. But it is the Soviet mentality that will be the hardest nut to crack. What happens if you wake the Russian bear?

The Russian Job is a full-length documentary, currently in production, and estimated for theatrical release in 2018.


  • Director: Petr Horky
  • DOP: Milan Bures
  • Editing: Filip Vesely
  • Sound: Jan Hala
  • Producer: Martin Juza
  • Executive producer: Juliana Slivonova